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TABLE OF CONTENTS Page ii HT2000/MAX200 Water Muffler Instruction Manual Water Muffler System 380-415V, 3PH, 50 Hz w/o Hoses..... 4-3 Water Muffler System 600V, 3PH, 60 Hz w.
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ders through the exhaust valves. Cooling water is injected into the exhaust line before it reaches the waterlift. The closer this point of injection is to the exhaust manifold, the cooler will be the exhaust line. The uncooled portion of the exhaust line adjacent to the manifold must be metal pipe, as exhaust gases straight off the manifold are.

Our range of Centek and Vetus waterlocks, designed to prevent water backflow to the engine in water cooled exhaust systems and provide noise deadening qualities. Centek's Vernalift waterlock series are all made from GRP materials, like the rest of their wet exhaust products, due to the heat and corrosion resistant properties it possesses.
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  • Water is drawn toward the cylindrical inner surface and allowed drain from the housing. A water drop muffler for use in a marine exhaust system to silence exhaust noise while separating entrained water from exhaust gas using hydro-dynamic centrifugal separation principles enhanced by turbulent flow.
  • Hello, I just removed the OEM muffler from my 03 540i which was swishing around with about I'm guessing...3 or 4 litres of water. Does anyone know why so much water condenses in there, and why isn't there an outlet for it? It's alot of dead weight to be driving around with!
  • Hundreds of hours of flow bench testing have gone into the formulation of this unique muffler design. Air flow, water flow and sound waves all affect each other as the exhaust leaves the engine. This all influences the horsepower. Click the link to learn more. Innovative design is the first of it’s kind, so it was awarded a patent.
  • There can be a few reasons why there’s water that is coming out of your exhaust. We will list down below these causes. 1. Water Condensation And Engine Combustion. Combustion will happen in your vehicle’s engine if your vehicle starts, and there will be a mixture of carbon dioxide and water, and it will form.
  • Analysis of acoustic characteristics of the expansion chamber water muffler considering acoustic-structure interaction Buy Article: $17.00 + tax (Refund Policy) Authors: Gong, Jing-feng; Xuan, Ling-kuan; Peng, Chun-meng DOI: ...